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Delta Region SCCA - Sun, Nov 15, 2020 Autocross/Solo II

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Delta Region #8
51 Registered


Guidelines For This Event:
YOU MUST PROVIDE YOUR OWN WATER AND SNACKS. Delta will not be providing water, coolers, snacks, or ice. Please bring water and stay hydrated. It will be a hot day.
NO LOANER HELMETS. We will not be providing loaner helmets for this event.
RADIOS. Radios will be provided for corner workers. Delta will clean them after each heat.
FACE MASKS, GLOVES, HAND SANITIZER. These are recommended for all participants but not required. Delta will NOT be providing so you must bring your own.
OTHER HAND OUTS. At times we help out drivers by letting them use tape, sunblock, a screwdriver, etc. These will not be available for this event.
SOCIAL DISTANCING. In the grid, please park in every other spot. Yes, cars can social distance too. Workers at worker stations should keep their distance from one another as much as possible. Use your hand sanitizer after picking up cones etc. ONLY board members will be allowed in the trailer.
RIDE ALONGS AND CO-DRIVING. This is 100% up to the owner of the car.

Course open for walk thru

Rookie Walk Thru
Drivers Meeting
Cars in Grid
1st Car out

Entry Fees 

$50 Entry Fee

$35 SCCA Member discounted Fee

+$10.00 On-site registration penalty. 

Pre-registration at: www.dlbracing.com

** Changes to Double Entry Program ** 

* This applies to all future events *

Double Entry "Double your runs", will now be sold at registration the morning of event and open to the first Ten SCCA members that check-in. Price will remain $30 and program will run as normally during the event. Or you can use the DE to opt out of working.

Nola Motorsports parks
11075 Nicolle blvd.
Avondale, LA 70064
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Driver Online Registration
Opened: Mon, Dec 1 - 9:00 PM EST
Closed: Sat, Nov 14 - 10:00 PM EST