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Houston Chapter BMW - Sun, Mar 15, 2020 Autocross/Solo II

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Houston BMW CCA 2020 AX #3
40 Registered

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Go to BMWCCA.ORG/JOIN to become a member You MUST register online for this event. BMW Autocross.
NOTICE: Please go calculate your vehicle points and class assignment from the club website.

2020 Prices

Pre Register- $35 

Walk Up - $45

New Membership Walk Up- $85

New for 2020

Houston Police Academy
17000 Aldine Westfield
Spring, TX 77073
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Check In for all Houston Chapter BMW CCA autocrosses starts at 8:30am,
unless otherwise specified (e.g., night events).
If you get to the Houston Police Academy before 8:30am
please wait until an Autocross Committee Member signals the group to enter.

Please verify you are registering in the correct class.


PAX class is new Trial class for 2019. It is an advance class where your SCCA pax must be known. This class is reserved for Instructors and those not concerned with an actual time. 

Double Runs are being offered this year to the first 4-6 who inquire to the commitee prior to the event. Cost is $20 cash. The extra work assignment required would be to assist in setup and teardown. Email— autocross-coordinators@houston-bmwcca.com . 

Driver Online Registration
Opened: Mon, Sep 17 - 12:00 AM EST
Closed: Thu, Mar 12 - 1:00 AM EST