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Washington D.C. Region SCCA - Sat, Aug 24, 2019 Autocross School

WDCR Solo Test and Tune
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This event is NOT a School.  It is designed and run in a manner that requires all participants to be experienced at working the course and knowing what to do as a driver.  We offer the Level 1 and Level 2 Schools to help new drivers learn skills to participate and become faster drivers.  The Test and Tune is setup to help experienced drivers Test and Tune their cars.

*** There is NO car/slot sharing with the exception of competitive co-drivers, and must be approved prior to registration. ***

"E/F Lot" at Fed Ex Field (our competition lot)

1 course in the morning, reversed in the afternoon (essentially 2 courses)

As many as 40 + runs and/or plenty of time to work on your car if necessary.

There are 14 thirty minute sessions, you pick which FOUR (4) you'd like to work...and drive the other 10!

Open to 30 slots at $170/person.  If you'd like an instructor for the day, the cost is $250/person and each instructor will have up to 4 students

If you are co-driving a car, please contact Brian Garfield 

Any questions, email Brian Garfield at bgarfield at gmail dot com

***FYI*** The sooner you sign up, the better choice for heats to work you get.

FedEx Field

Landover, MD
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7:30 - 8:30am Tech and work assignments

8:30-9:00 Session 1

9:00-9:30 Session 2

9:30-10 Session 3

10-10:30 Session 4

10:30-11 Session 5

11-11:30 Session 6

11:30-12 Session 7

12-1 LUNCH BREAK (Possible Course Change)

1-1:30 Session 8

1:30-2 Session 9

2-2:30 Session 10

2:30-3 Session 11

3-3:30 Session 12

3:30-4 Session 13

4-4:30 Session 14


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