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Winnipeg Sports Car Club - Sat, May 7 - 8, 2016 Track Event/Time Trials

WSCC 2016 High Performance Driving Experience (HPDE)
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2016 WSCC High Performance Driving Experience (HPDE)

Unleash your inner speed demon and learn high speed driving skills with Winnipeg Sports Car Club’s HPDE. Take yourself and your car almost to the limit over 2 full days of track time at Gimli Motorsports Park 1.33mi road course!

Registration is FULL!

Waitlisting is available. Please contact the race director for more information.

Entry fee $250 and you will need a WSCC Membership prior to registering.

If you don’t have a current WSCC membership, click on “My Clubs” above and choose Winnipeg Sports Car Club membership.

Register the vehicle you plan to bring to the HPDE under "My Garage" prior to registering for the event. If it asks for a car number, pick any number. 

*** Register here and pay by Cheque, Paypal, or Credit Card.  If paying by cheque you will need to contact roadrace@wscc.mb.ca. ***

Minimum Requirements:
Daily Driven Street Car (you do not need a sports car) with all maintenance up to date. *Vehicle must be dimensionally wider than it is tall!*

- A plastic tub for your belongings and contents of vehicle.
A current SNELL “M” or “SA” helmet (SA is encouraged)
 **SNELL SA helmets are mandatory for use with vehicles that have factory or aftermarket installed roll-over protection**
Notes:  SNELL SA helmets are required if you choose to road race after the school.
Current SNELL helmets are 2005, 2010 or 2015.

If you do not know where to purchase one, please contact hpde@wscc.mb.ca

Registration Questions please contact roadrace@wscc.mb.ca

Technical, vehicle, or other HPDE related questions, please contact hpde@wscc.mb.ca

*** If the event is full and you wish to be waitlisted, please contact roadrace@wscc.mb.ca and we will add you. Openings will be filled in order of waitlist request***

Gimli Motorsports Park
Gimli, MB
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Classroom Dates: May 4th 2016 Aaltos, CanadInns 826 Regent Ave (@ Plessis) 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Gimli Track Dates: May 7th and 8th 2015 Gimli Motorsports Park 8:00am to 5:00pm

Contact the Road Race Director with any registration questions you have at roadrace@wscc.mb.ca 

Contact the HPDE Chief Instructor with any technical or school specific questions you have at hpde@wscc.mb.ca 

Driver Online Registration
Opened: Thu, Jan 21 - 9:00 AM EST
Closed: Thu, May 5 - 1:00 AM EST