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Florida Region SCCA - Thu, Jan 3, 2019 Test Day

Majors Test Day
101 Registered - 18 Volunteers
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THIS IS REGISTRATION FOR THE TEST DAY ONLY.  IF YOU ARE ALSO RUNNING THE MAJORS, YOU MUST ENTER THE SEPARATE EVENT.  If you want to register for a garage space, register for it under the Majors race.

ENTRY FEES: Entry fee for the Test/Practice Day is $275.

GENERAL RULES: This event is governed by the General Competition Rules (GCR) and Category Specifications, as amended for 2019 per “FasTrack

DRIVER ELIGIBILITY: Drivers for the Test/Practice Day must be a current member of the SCCA and have a current SCCA Full Competition license or SCCA Pro license to participate in this event. Other licenses appearing in GCR Section 2.8.B will also be accepted. If you do not have the proper credentials it is your responsibility to contact the Registrar prior to the event.

ELIGIBLE CLASSES: All Regional and RunOffs eligible classes may participate in the Test/Practice Day.

PADDOCK PARKING: All Test/Practice Day entrants not participating in the Majors event will be paddocked on the hill in the area between turns 7 and 8.

PLEASE NOTE: Scheduled session times will be posted on the day of the event to give all participants maximum time on course. When times are posted, they will be approximate and for planning purposes only. Actual start times may vary based on forces of nature and on-track incidents. Stewards will NOT take action on MINOR schedule changes. Starting times may be altered with little or no notice. Please pay attention to the PA.

Homestead Miami Speedway
One Speedway Boulevard
Homestead, FL 33035-1501
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