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Central Florida Region SCCA - Sat, Aug 26 - 27, 2017 Autocross/Solo II

Brooksville CFR SCCA Practice and Points Event #15
47 Registered

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VERY IMPORTANT BROOKSVILLE:  Due to strict site restrictions from the Brooksville Airport Officials, we must submit a list of all potential drivers and guests that will be onsite 10 days in advance of the event. We maintain a list of all drivers and guests that have attended a CFR SCCA Solo event at Brooksville for the past 12 months. If you have not attended an SCCA Solo event at Brooksville in the past 12 months, you MUST notify us of your name and your guests names to attend no later than midnight Thursday August 17th.  This notification can be handled either via completing pre-registration, or by an email to cfrsolo2@gmail.com with the subject line “Brooksville Gate List” with your name, and the names of all guests that may be attending. Your guest list must be 5 names or less.

If you are not on the list by midnight Thursday, August 17th, by our agreement with Brooksville, you will not be allowed to enter the site!If you have any doubt that you are already on the Brooksville list, either register prior to that time/date, or send us an email stating your desire to be on the list by that time/date.

CFR SCCA Brooksville Solo 2017 Practice and Points Event #15

Registration Closure:                         5:00 PM on August 25th(Saturday)

Deadline for getting on Gate List:    Midnight on August 17th (Thursday)

This event will be held at the all concrete, very grippy, Brooksville/Hernando County Airport in Brooksville, FL. The Saturday event will be a practice event designed for all to hone their skills. The Sunday event will be 2017 Championship Points Event #15.  Event trophies for each class will be awarded and class championship points will be accrued on Sunday.

Event Officials... Please contact Dave Welsh (dwelsh56@hotmail.com) if you can volunteer. 

Event Chair: Dave Welsh                 Chief Safety Steward: Scott Swartz

Youth Steward: Gary Bitner            Waiver Chief: TBD

Registrar: Soraya Juarbe-Diaz       Timing Chief: TBD

Trophy Chief:  Steve Marcum         Workers Chief: TBD

Tech Chief: TBD

Novices are always welcome! Like all drivers, novices must pre-register and pre-pay. Get more novice info here: Getting Started

Site Location:

Brooksville-Tampa Bay Regional Airport

  • From the North – Take US 41 South from Brooksville, Florida for about 7.25 miles. Prior to crossing a set of railroad tracks, turn right on Runway Drive and follow this till you get to the gate where the Waiver Chief will be stationed till 9:00 AM.
  • From the South – Take US 41 North. As you approach the Brooksville-Tampa Bay Regional Airport, you will cross a set of railroad tracks, and immediately turn left on Runway Drive and follow this till you get to the gate where the Waiver Chief will be stationed till 9:00 AM.
  • GPS Coordinates, use either of the below:
    • 28°27'46.35"N 82°27'1.92"W
    • Runway Drive, Brooksville, Fl

What to Bring:

  • Valid Driver's License (or permit)
  • Valid SCCA Membership Card (or proof of membership)
    • Non-Members, get your Weekend SCCA membership here on DLB
  • Minors (under 18), bring a completed minor waiver, see details below
  • WATER (it can get hot!)


There will be lunch available thanks to our volunteer who will arrange for and pickup the food!  There will be a $5 charge, collected at the site, for each driver and/or guest who wants to purchase lunch.

Registration and Payment Policy

In an attempt to keep our prices as low as we can, and to improve the starting time for our events, we will be requiring pre-registration and pre-payment for all of our Drivers at all of our Events this year.

Important: If you cancel your registration by closure of registration on DlbRacing.com, (5:00 PM June 3rd), you will receive a full refund. If you try to cancel after that time, or if you do not show up on the morning of the event, you will receive a partial refund of your entry fees paid less $10.

Minors (Under 18)
  • Minor drivers or riders must have a completed, notarized, minor waiver signed by BOTH parents. (Notary waived If both parents are present and sign in front of an SCCA official on site)
  • Minor attendees (non-driver/non-rider) are permitted, but cannot enter any of the "hot" areas, including grid area, start/finish area, and or course area.
  • IMPORTANT: The Minor Waiver MUST be printed in color!
  • Get Minor Waiver here: Florida Minor Waiver 1895 - Notary Witness


  • $35 Entry Fee
  • $10 SCCA Weekend Membership fee for non SCCA Members
  • $10 Late Fee if you check in late on the day of the event

Brooksville Airport
Runway Drive
Brooksville, FL 34604
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7:00 AM          - Setup Crew Arrives

7:30-8:45 AM - Front gate is manned

8:00-8:45 AM - Registration

8:00-8:45 AM - Technical Inspection

8:30-9:00 AM - Course Available for Walking

8:45 AM         - Mandatory Novice Walk Through

9:15 AM         - Driver's Meeting

9:30 AM         - First Car Off

~3:00 PM       - Competition Ends / Trophy Presentation

Driver Online Registration
Opened: Tue, Jul 11 - 12:00 AM EST
Closed: Fri, Aug 25 - 5:00 PM EST